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  1. Promontory

    Date 11 Apr 2017
    Promontory  by Justin Sisely   Model @1_woman_disrobing

  2. AMY

    Date 23 Mar 2017
    Amy Winehouse modelled by Alba  Photography by Because Eileen 35mm 

  3. Golden Boy

    Date 23 Mar 2017
    Photographer Because Eileen  Art direction & styling Jessica Abby Creative  Model Brandon Anderson 

  4. Before Bed

    Date 08 Feb 2017
    Because Eileen welcomes all The Bradford’s work, we can’t get enough of him. ‘Before Bed’ uses immaculate lighting, styling and composition to show off the beautiful model in intimate settings.   Shot by The Bradford  Christopher Bradford  Stylist Alexe Jansen MUA Bonnie Rae Hulsman Model Anna Westerveld 

  5. I Do

    Date 19 Jan 2017
    How do you write about love without mentioning the word or repeating cliche expressions? How do you celebrate a wedding day that doesn’t conform to traditional ideologies that you don’t agree with? We tried our best to stay true to who we are and not adhere to a fabricated facade…

  6. In Vain

    Date 22 Dec 2016
    Because Eileen for Because Eileen ‘In Vain’ We wanted to incorporate fire, a colour hue and my new super 8 camera into a series. This is what we got.  Thanks for perusing our work.  Photographer: Justin Sisely Model: Alexis Sisely 

  7. Daytripper

    Date 07 Dec 2016
    David Collier is back with ‘Day-tripper’ I know the owner Paulie and had shot there before a year or so ago. They are closed on Sundays so we had the keys and place to ourselves for a few hours. I love the space and surrounds, it was super messy and

  8. Morning View

    Date 13 Nov 2016
    David Collier documents Fanny in her initial moments of the day. No makeup. Untouched set. Nothing contrived in this series. And we love it.  Photographer David Collier  Model Fanny Krogerus Assistant Natalie Robinson 

  9. In the End

    Date 29 Oct 2016
    Because Eileen features an exclusive by the oh-so talented London photographer, The Bradford. Black & white has never looked so appealing.  shot by The Bradford  Instagram & Website  Model Instagram

  10. Mrs Bieber-West

    Date 24 Oct 2016
    by  Alexis Sisely & Jess Abby  Model Zoe Thornburgh 

  11. Tuesday’s I Wear

    Date 23 Oct 2016
    Its a simple story about 4 best friends travelling around the burbs in a cool VW Combi we hired for the day. It starts off at my apartment then we hit the road visiting a local corner store then off to the coast for some lunch. I had also arranged…

  12. Too Old to Ride

    Date 23 Oct 2016
    by   Alexis Sisely & Jess Abby   Model   Shelby Green 

  13. Search Party

    Date 06 Oct 2016
    This set was shot within 60 seconds & the images are stunning! Film photography 1_woman_disrobing Digital photography Jess Abby  Model Chantelle Thong 

  14. Francesco Visone

    Date 22 Aug 2016
    by Francesco Visone  The colours, composition, and backdrops to these images blew my mind. Truly stunning work. Can’t wait to see more by German photographer, Francesco. Flickr Tumblr 

  15. Infinite Jest

    Date 05 Aug 2016
    by Alexis Sisely & Jess Abby  Model & MUA 

  16. K-Hole

    Date 27 Jul 2016
    by  Alessandra Pace & Fausto Serafini  Model @deniseaspirinac  This is not a series using fake drugs to make photos look “cool”. K-Hole is not glamourising drug use; instead, it captures a model doing a drug whilst staying with Alessandra and Fausto. As photographers, they decided not to stop shooting when the model…

  17. Dykes & Dumbbells

    Date 18 Jul 2016
    Dykes & Dumbbells   by Jess Abby & Alexis Sisely   Models Chantelle & Lilly   Hair & MUA 

  18. Bakehouse

    Date 18 Jul 2016
    Bakehouse   by Justin Sisely   Models Jess & Kerim 

  19. TITS

    Date 18 Jul 2016
    TITS   by Justin Sisely   Model @1_woman_disrobing

  20. Synchronise Me

    Date 17 Jul 2016
    Synchronise Me   by Jess Abby & Alexis Sisely   Models Chantelle & Elise   Hair & MUA

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