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Alessandra Pace & Fausto Serafini
Exclusive Interview with Italian Photographers - Husband & Wife Duo

Because Eileen have been following your photography for a couple of years now and never tire of your images. Where do you source your inspiration from?

Thanks for not being bored by us! Because we approached photography almost 4 years ago we have still a lot of enthusiasm. Photography saved and changed our lives! It gave us a new point of view about things and we needed to rediscover every aspect of life again. So our source is photography itself and obviously music. Another important source of inspiration is our cinematic and music video and music background since we were teens till now. Music is a very important aspect of our life, every moment has its particular soundtrack during each day and it's like to live always in a dream.

You seem to be endlessly shooting! How many hours a week do you invest into photography?

Photography is something that is not separable from our lives. We are working on our main project "Ho Te" ("I have you"), which is a diary about our everyday and sexual life. There is always a roll inside our cameras because every moment could be the right one to capture.

Your lives seem like a love narrative... tell us about your first encounter with each other... 

We first met about 14 years ago thanks to some mutual friends and it was so strange that we never met before, because we live in a little town in Italy and always hang out at the same places. We were friends before for a couple of years, but maybe friendship has always been an excuse to spend time together, because we've always been secretly in love with each other we just weren't ready for a serious relationship. As our love was growing, we at last decided to get engaged and from that moment we have always been together and worked together. 

Will you ever ditch film and go digital?

We started with an old analogue camera, then we needed digital because we needed to make a lots of mistakes in order to improve our technique. But now we ditch digital and shoot only film (both analogue and instant) and never went back to our old path. Because film is something magical and unique and digital is really a flat photography in comparison. We shoot digital when we shoot for weddings and other events or commissioned works. But we always take our film camera with us because we love to make a film cameo. 

Aside from photography what do you do? 

Photography! Hahahaha! We used to run an electro, punk-rock club for six years and a bed and breakfast for another two years, then we sold everything and dedicated our life to photography.

What do you look for in the models you choose?

When we look for a model we look for an attitude, a kind of personality, a particular gaze, something that attracts us irreversibly. We are not interested in objective beauty!

Do you print out your work and display the images around your house? Or keep them all on your computer?

We usually print a lot of pictures also because we need to show them at exhibitions and so we have a lot of pictures in our place. On the walls, in the library, in the bathroom (we adore having pictures in our bathroom) inside boxes, it really is a mess. Our computer is also overcrowded with pictures and it's another mess too. We are really emotional and disorganised people.

Where will you be in 20 years?

We will be together, at our place, maybe our future son is attending university, while we are still capturing our lives, the only difference will be that we will have more wrinkles and white hair.

If you want to support these guys, their love and art, you can purchase their first book "Ho Te" produced by Impossible Store Maranello. This could be the first book in a long series intended to continue till death do they part. Contact Alessandra or Fausto via email. 

Fausto Serafini

Alessandra Pace

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